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Downloadable Forms from different Government Agencies

Listing of useful forms that businesses usually use when dealing with the various government agencies in the Philippines.

Social Security System (SSS)

Registration and Membership(PDF Format)

  • SSS Form E-1 (18 KB) : Personal Record
  • SSS Form E-4 (19 KB) : Member's Data Amendment Form
  • SSS Form E-6 (20 KB) : Application for Social Security ID
  • SSS Form NW-1(12 KB) : Non-Working Spouse Record
  • SSS Form RS-1 (16 KB) : Self-employed Data Record
  • SSS Form R-1 (17 KB) : Employer Registration
  • SSS Form R-1A (17 KB) : Employer Report
  • SSS Form Bmbr-119 (34.2 KB) : Auto-Debit Arrangement Enrollment
  • SSS Form Bmbr-119a (25.2 KB) : Auto-Debit Arrangement Enrollment
  • SSS Form R-7 (12.23 KB) : Application for Electronic Data Intercharge
  • SSS Form ACOP (869 KB) : Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Reply


  • SSS Form R-3 (48 KB) : Contribution Collection List
  • SSS Form R-5 (26 KB) : Contributions Payment Return
  • SSS Form RS-5 (15 KB) : Contributions Payment Return for Self-emloyed & Voluntary Members

Member Loans

  • SSS Form L-501 (16 KB) : Specimen Signature Card
  • SSS Form ISL-101 (18 KB) : Salary Loan Application
  • SSS Form ML-1 (44 KB) : Member Loan Payment Return
  • SSS Form REL-9 (18 KB) : Real Estate Loan Payment Return

Stock Forms

Moratorium Program in the Payment of Member Loans

Application for Penalty Condonation

Benefit Applications

EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness Benefit

  • EC Form B-309 (11 KB)
  • EC Form B-300(21 KB)
  • EC Form B-304 (15 KB)
  • EC Form B-301 (28 KB) Medical Reimbursement Benefit Application

Claim for Funeral Benefit

Claim for Sickness Benefit

  • SSS Form CLD-9N (21 KB): Claim for Sickness Benefit
  • SSS Form B-304 (12 KB): Sickness Benefit Reimbursment
  • SSS Form CLD-9Na (14 KB): Sickness Benefit Application
  • SSS Form MMD-102 (11 KB): Medical Certificate

Claim for Retirement Benefit

  • SSS Form DDR-1 (24 KB): Death, Disability, and Retirement Claim
  • SSS Form ASE (5 KB): Affidavit of Separation from Employment

Claim for Death Benefit

Claim for Maternity Benefit

Flexi-fund for Overseas Filipino Workers

  • SSS Form OW-1 (17 KB): SSS Flexi-Fund for Overseas Filipino Workers
  • SSS Form DDR-2 (20 KB): Death, Disability, Retirement and Early Withdrawal Claim


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