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YSA Skin Care Center

Blending expertise and entrepreneurial skills

Aside from being a highly-trained dermatologist, Dr Isabel Lopez-Nazal has proven to be a skilled entrepreneur. Realizing the market needs a provider that can deliver and affordable dermatological services, and after getting an advice from her husband, she converted her garage into a small care clinic called Clinica Dermatologica. In 1985.

At the same time, Dr. Nazal also developed several products for her patients such as dispensing soaps, cleansers, and other skin care items . The clients like the superb quality of products and services of Clinica Dematologica resulting in the rapid growth of its clients. To cope with the expansion, Dr. Nazal and her hubby Roberto C. Nazal, Sr., put up a laboratory at the back of their house in 1989. Afterwards, Marosa Soap and Cosmetics Laboratories, Inc. began producing beauty soaps on a large scale basis. With its entry into mass market, YSA Botanica line of beauty products was born.

While running the clinic, Dr. Nazal formulated products that catered specifically to her patients’ needs: dispensing soaps, cleansers, and other skin care items that she herself made. Over time, Clinica Dermatologica’s clients began to experience the products’ wonderful effects. After undergoing a few procedures, most were able to maintain positive results with the continued use of Dr. Nazal’s products, rarely needing to return for further treatment. Patients thus ended up recommending her products to relatives and friends.

After three years, Clinica Dematologica opened several more branches and the chain became known as YSA Skin Care Center. The skin care center currently operates 16 branches in the Philippines, all of which carry the YSA Botanica product line. Furthermore, Marosa’s sister company also expanded its treatments to include the latest procedures such as rejuvenation treatments, aesthetic surgery, and mesotherapy.

YSA has been recognized by various consumer and industry groups for its excellent brand by winning several awards for both its consumer products and clinical services.. YSA Botanica’s Papaya Whitening Soap was named Brand of the Year during whitening soap during the Philippine Business Excellence Awards in 2004.

On the other hand, YSA Skin Care Center was named the country’s Tops Skin Care Center by the National Consumers Quality Awards in 2003. The National Shopper’s Choice Annual Awards also cited it for excellence in product quality, company reputation, brand recognition and consumer services in 2004. Most recently, its mesotherapy center was recognized as the Philippines’ Most Outstanding Mesotherapy Center by the Philippine Business Achievers Awards in 2005.

FLopez-Nazal,YSA’s founder, was a recipient of the Parangal ng Bayan sa Bulacan for her contributions to the community through her work at YSA.



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